iPhoneX and Making Movies


After watching the Apple Event this morning, I must admit the new iPhone X looks incredible. Animated emojis, wireless charging, edge-to-edge display and the camera are just some of the features which really stood out for me.

It was the first event to take place at the new Steve Jobs Theater , which has a Hands-On Area where attendees could get their hands on the new products. Never mind that the event had an exciting energy throughout…that was an energy felt even through my computer screen. Let’s go to the new iPhone celebration, or whatever you wish to call it.

First of all, most of these new iPhone update events have not been as alarming as I preconceived. But this one really got my attention. I am a camera freak. I love the idea of a camera where someone without any professional experience in photography can shoot photos and videos that turnout like a pro shot them. The new iPhone’s camera really impressed me.

Dual lens, improved depth of field, front and rear camera selfies with lighting modes and freeze frame features are a few reasons I got excited. The new camera has features which improve light reception and camera shaking for video recording. It is not the individual features that truly impress me, it is the sum of all the features included. There are Android phones which have dual lens and have had them for some time now, just to give you an example. This phone does not appear to have been rushed to meet a deadline without all the bells and whistles. It appears, at least for now, that a lot of detail went into not only the new features–but the design and look of the device.

I have not had the time to dig into all the features in detail yet. I am sure that a lot of people are, and will be sharing that in articles throughout the day. Many “leaked new iPhone features” articles got a lot right. For example, the Animated Emojis feature.

That feature alone would have me playing around with it for hours! I also wondered about the facial recognition feature to unlock the iPhone. I mean, what if you are a cosplayer? What happens on Halloween? What about a guy who is growing a beard or just didn’t shave or shaved? I am just curious about how that feature will work in those situations, or not. On the flip side, I hate having to unlock my phone with wet fingers now. The new iPhone would not care about that.

I really think that the features for face recognition will take some time for us to find out how well they will work. One thing is for sure, how can you avoid it when you know the Animated Emojis need it to get one of the coolest features on the new iPhone to work? Seriously.

For the record, I love my iPhone and my Mac. I support people using any smartphone they like to make movies and share stories through filmmaking. I don’t have a ‘mine is better than yours’ attitude and created an international film festival for films shot with mobile phones only, regardless of the phone brand you use to shoot your footage with. I truly believe competition in the smartphone manufacturing industry is good for all of us. Besides, if you have a story to share, it’s not the brand of phone or camera which will add value to your story…it’s the value of your story which gives value to the film and the message you share. Remember that. Use any smartphone to make your story come to life. It’s not all about your phone camera it’s really all about your story.

Our International Mobile Film Festival is accepting short and feature length films and all of them must be shot with smartphones. The deadlines begin in mid-October. There is still time to shoot a short film (or even a feature) with the new iPhone and get it into our film festival. Would love to see your mobile films and get you on our red carpet and if you make it to the festival in San Diego next April, you can participate in the Q&A Panel and share your experience. I would like to hear your experiences with the camera shooting video!

Image Credit: Apple.com

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