Smartphone Filmmaking Publication

Most of the writing I do for mobile film and smartphone video is published in the Smartphone Filmmaking Publication on and I hope the stories inspire you.

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You can find out more about mobile filmmaking through our SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking: The Voice Of Mobile Film™. It is about all things mobile film and video. Most of the episodes are conversations with filmmakers and enthusiasts who participate in the mobile film and smartphone video community around the world.

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We have also revamped our Mobile Film TV Network Distribution Channel: MobileChannel.TV to reflect my vision of a genuine mobile distribution network exclusive to films shot with smartphones. Created in 2013 and relaunched in 2016, the new version is more reflective of my vision than ever before.


The goal is to benefit mobile filmmakers and smartphone video content creators. You can find out more on the About Us page on the platform.

MFTV has been designed for desktop and web app for mobile devices.

Lots of things are happening! You can read more about our summer and the latest news on the NEWS page of the International Mobile Film Festival website.

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