Smartphone Film Pioneer from NYU at #MFF2018SanDiego

We begin with the story of a filmmaker who contacted me days before our festival through an email. His name is Professor Karl Bardosh and he mentioned he was an Associate Art Instructor at the New York University (NYU). He was excited because he happened to be in L.A. and wanted to come to our film festival in San Diego to meet us in person.

San Diego Smartphone Movies

Years ago an introduction to making movies with cell phones grew into an official platform to screen mobile films on a big screen. The founder of the International Mobile Film Festival reached across the world in 2009 to anyone with a phone urging them to create films with only mobile phones to be a part of the unique film festival in San Diego. Susan Botello has since partnered with several smartphone film festivals around the world to empower the industry with a priority given to mobile filmmakers of all ages.